Saturday, October 01, 2005

Serenity (no spoilers)

Ahhh, Serenity...

I didn't get lucky enough to go to one of the advance screenings they had during the summer (did they even have more than one in the Seattle area?), but I *did* get lucky enough to see it on opening night in the theater! I half-expected it to be sold out, but I went online on Thursday and got tickets to last night's 7:00 showing. We got to the theater just after 6:00 and there were already about twenty people clumped up in the lobby waiting for the doors to open. They let us into the theater about 6:20 where we sat and enjoyed the enthusiasm of all our fellow moviegoers, whose excitement was overflowing and contagious. (On my way out to the lobby to use the restroom, I passed a couple of guys just heading into the theater; one of them turned to his friend, his eyes aglow, and couldn't restrain his quiet "Eeeeeeee!" of delight.

I really enjoyed the movie. And it was so much fun to watch it in that theater, with a bunch of people who already loved the characters from watching Firefly, and all laughed and gasped and applauded together intermittently.

Everybody go see it. I *really* want to see another movie in that 'verse, with that bunch of characters, so go make it a hit. If I can, I'm going to see it again this weekend or this week, to absorb all the details I'm sure I missed last night--the pace of the dialogue was just as rapid as anything else Joss Whedon's ever done, and I didn't have time to watch the background very closely.

I've been looking forward to seeing it all summer, so three cheers for a Serenity that didn't disappoint.