Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Mitigated Woe

And lo, a Snake was summoned from McLendon's Hardware, and Mr. Thel did cajole and contort the Snake to no avail.

So a Plumber was summoned. And behold! His snake didst uncoil itself to a mighty length of One hundred and Ten feet! (Huh huh huh.) The Snake of the Plumber did clear the pipe of its Infernal Plug, and there was much rejoicing. (Also much showering and laundrying.)

But ho, what madness be this? Hast the Plumber uncoiled his Snake most unmannerly and clumsily, that it sulketh asnarl in the Pipe and refuseth to return unto the quiet coil whence it sprang? Indeed!

So lyeth the Snake, a-coiled and a-tangled within the Pipe, for the Plumbing Company must open a manhole in the street to pluck it out, and they have returnethed not to accomplish this Dire Ordeal as of yet.

In other words, it's been patchy good luck around here lately, for which I'm patchily grateful.

The Bad: OH NOES, all the laundry water is coming back up through all the drains in the house AUGH!
The relief factor: Ah well, the plumber cleared the plug without too much effort (until he unfurled his snake into the main line).

Bad: Fuckity fuck fuck, now the plumber says that in the process of trying to rescue the snake his dumbass lackey mishandled, he discovered a break in our pipe!
Oh, well, ok then: The break is in a shallow section of pipe that Mr. Thel can dig out and replace himself for about $30, yay!

Bad: The house three doors down from us was broken into and robbed the other night and one of the inhabitants assaulted.
Redeeming aspect: No, sorry, there was no goodness about that, other than that nobody died. Ugh. (Oh and by the way, German Shepherd of the house? Thanks a lot for sleeping soundly and not alerting us through all the ruckus during and after that. That's very reassuring.)