Thursday, September 06, 2007

Can't I just put a secret sign on the door that convinces them to try a different house?

Everyone is allowed to have one phobia, right? One little fear that is far out of proportion to actual danger? I only ask because in the past week I've killed two nasty poisonous hobo spiders in the same area of our living room, and it's freaking me right the fuck out.

We didn't have any hobo spiders in here last year--so does that mean they'll all die off before winter? What time of year are they most likely to creep inside, and is this the worst of it? And can I PLEASE find a website that addresses these issues without feeling the need to plaster at the top of their page an enormous, detailed photo of a hobo spider blown up seventeen times as large as life? Shrieking and stabbing at the "back" button is ever so disruptive to my research mission.