Sunday, December 09, 2007

Reusable Wrapping

Around the same time that I began pondering whether I could make a Christmas "tree," I decided I didn't want to give presents wrapped in paper--paper that would likely be destined for a landfill or a burn barrel. One of my friends has always given gifts in simple drawstring cloth bags, and they didn't look too complicated to make. I determined to copy her.

For about $5 I bought two yards of this lovely red costumey fabric covered in playful red swirls of velvet. It's been sitting in a drawer in the craft room for a month, so tonight I finally pulled it out and hand-stitched a small bag with a yarn drawstring. No doubt using the sewing machine for the rest of them will speed the process somewhat; still, I'm pleased with the result. The fabric was billed as Halloween costume fabric, but it's very Christmasy. Here's hoping most of the recipients will feel moved to reuse their drawstring bags for their own future gifts.