Sunday, April 03, 2005


Yesterday Mr. Thel and I stopped at the Aurora Burgermaster for a lazy late Saturday lunch. Being less than ravenous, I ordered a kiddie meal. It came in a cheerfully colored box with an "Endangered Animals" theme. Hey, that's cool--I'm all for educating the youngsters. But we were darkly amused by the contradiction between the grim theme and the brightly happy box art.

Thel [reading the box]: Look, the panda says, "Hi, kids! Here's where some of my endangered friends live," and there's an educational map. Hm...California sea otters live in Florida? This map sucks.

Mr. Thel: "Where my friends live--" he must mean the ones that aren't already dead or extinct, anyway. Hey, did you get a toy with that meal?

Thel: No, just a lollipop.

Mr. Thel: Well, that makes sense...what kind of toy would they give out with an endangered animals theme?

Thel: "Look, mom, I got a rhino horn with my meal!"

Mr. Thel: Heh..what, not a gorilla's hand?

Thel: Ooh, I hope I get a lucky tiger tail next time.

Mr. Thel: Dibs on the elephant-tusk back-scratcher.

Thel: Hey kids, collect them all!