Friday, July 01, 2005

I Bit My Tongue So Hard It Creased

One of my friends at work just moved to Seattle from Florida a bit less than a year ago. We've become pretty good friends despite being on opposite sides of the political divide (see, it can be done!), mostly by avoiding political conversation as much as possible--although we have had one or two cautiously polite discussions about such things without ill effect.

Anyway, she's not much thrilled with the Seattle summer weather. She was complaining about it again today, grousing that it just doesn't hold a candle to a Florida summer. I gently pointed out that, after all, we are about as far from Florida as you can get within the continental U.S., but of course that was little consolation to someone missing their regular hot summer.

I sympathize with her, really; it must be difficult to adjust to such a completely different climate. But I still wanted to say, "Well, what's that line Republicans are always trotting out whenever anyone has a criticism of the U.S.? Oh, that's right: 'Love it or leave it.'"

I decided to make more sympathetic noises instead. I do try to be diplomatic.