Monday, July 18, 2005

Perfect Saturday

I strolled up my recently-discovered "secret" pedestrian/bike trail through the blue heron habitat to Discovery Park on Saturday. I was feeling restless enough to walk to the park, hike the 2.8 mile loop trail around the park, and back home, a nice little five-mile trek. Not as good as going out and doing an actual hike, but better than playing on my computer all day.

This is a shot across the field of my favorite part of the park, the South Meadow. The "Bike the Bluff" route took the bicyclists on a paved trail through this area of the park while I was lazing in the meadow. A few rode past me, and I nearly shouted encouragingly at them, "Allez! Allez! Allez! Allezallezallezallezallez!" to help them pretend they were riding in the (ongoing!) Tour de France...but I didn't want to alarm them, and so refrained from bellowing at them as they passed.

The sun was high and bright by this time in Seattle, but wisps of clouds still clung to the trees on Bainbridge Island. "Ha, ha, Bainbridge Island," I thought smugly. (I mean, "How lovely," I thought contemplatively, and took a picture.)

Yeah, it was a good day.