Saturday, January 20, 2007

Changing Tires

I had the delightful opportunity to change a tire for the first time on Thursday afternoon. I was on my way to get new tires for my car at that very minute, but the tire with the leak gave up too soon. It was a lot easier than I expected, frankly. That's good to know.

I drove to the tire store up north and walked with Chloe to the sublet house, had a snack and checked my email, and turned around to walk back to get the car. I didn't realize when I set out in the first place that the two are a mile and a half apart. So on top of the tire change, I got to walk three miles that evening. Oh, why bother whining, it wasn't raining and it's been too long since I did something like that.

Almost a week in the new house now. All the big stuff is in; there's a little bit of camping gear and miscellaneous things in the storage unit and at the sublet, but everything else is at the new place. A new couch will be delivered later this evening. I did my best to find a used one but in the end this one was cheap enough to justify one new purchase.

I made a list of all the companies I need to update my address with and it kind of bummed me out to see it stretch to a list of 15. And that doesn't even include the utilities I've already updated.

The rain stopped this morning so I took Chloe for a long walk around the new neighborhood. We strolled up to Beacon Ave and looked out over south Lake Washington. It's more residential than anywhere I've previously lived in Seattle. I'm used to being able to walk a few blocks to grab a coffee on a weekend morning, but so far I haven't located a cafe within short walking distance. There is a Polynesian Deli just down the street though, which intrigues me.

Despite having moved from one end of town to the other, I am still on the same bus route. Good old 48, trekking from Golden Gardens all the way down to Rainier Beach with my work somewhere in the middle. That's mighty convenient. Now if only there I can find a coffee shop tucked away somewhere down there amongst all the light rail construction.