Friday, February 23, 2007

Seward Park in February

These pictures are from a walk I took two weeks ago with Chloe. It was that productive Saturday--I rode my bike 6 miles to make my muscles remember how to do it, walked with Chloe around the 2.5-mile Seward Park loop trail, did a bunch of laundry, did some errands, and had a friend over for a movie in the evening.

I'd only been to Seward Park once before, so I enjoyed walking Chloe around the loop. We meandered around on a forest trail first. A true Northwest girl, I do love walking in the dim stillness beneath a damp green canopy. I love the smell of earth, the tiny lush spikes of moss on a stump, pale mushrooms quietly sprouting out of leaf mould. We saw plenty of all that.

We also saw several of these; I assume they fell on December 14.

We soon found our way back to the paved road that loops around the peninsula of the park. There were plenty of other people out enjoying the dry day. Next time I think we'll stick to the forest trails and avoid most of the people. Not that we had problems with the people, but it's nice to have a quiet walk too. I sort of miss being close to Discovery Park.

We stopped before leaving the park to pay homage to the Mountain.