Thursday, February 08, 2007


I randomly stumbled across this blog post today, reviewing a book review. (How many layers of meta-commentary is that?)

It's interesting to me because I ran into the same problem a few years back, although I didn't express it nearly as succinctly as Bethany does here:

Why doesn't the reading of the bible that leads to an egalitarian view of gender necessarily lead us to re-read the bible with an eye toward accepting those of other sexual orientations?
I'm not even sure how to identify my faith anymore, so I don't know why I remain so fascinated by Christian theology, but there it is--I still am! I'm interested in the thoughts of people who are genuinely trying to explore their faith as a living reality, not as an artifact that must be preserved on ice in perpetuity. Sometimes I wish Shannon would just post homework assignments on her blog for my edification, for that very reason.

(I liked this post as well, especially Jimmy's comment.)