Tuesday, October 02, 2007


List of things I hope to accomplish between now and next July, the tenth anniversary of the year I had the cancer:

- dye my hair blue
- buy one of these and spend a month crisscrossing the continent
- ride the 2008 STP
- get a tattoo to mark the ten years

Gee, when you string it all together in one place like that, it looks awfully dramatic. Still, you only live once. Time to step out of the rut I've been treading for the last few years.

If I remember right, after ten years they start whispering the word "cured" instead of "remission." So now instead of fretting about a relapse, I can start worrying about my increased risk of breast cancer due to all the radiation I absorbed ten years ago. I get to start having mammograms ten years earlier than all the rest of you!