Monday, October 15, 2007


For all that the forecast is "steady rain" for just about the entire six months between now and next April, I am consistently lucky enough to find breaks in the drizzle during which I can take Chloe for a nice long evening stroll. (And now I can step out through the grass and the puddles with cheerful, dry feet, thanks to these:

So very shallow of me, I know. But come on...I was actually wishing for it to rain since I got them, so I could have a valid reason to wear them. And! They match both my rainjacket and my warm coat. I take my joys where I can, babes.)

When we come back from a soggy walk, I have Chloe sit on the rug just inside the front door. We keep an old bath towel hanging on a hook next to the door, and when her head is all wet (whether from rain, or from her playful rolling in soaking wet grass...) she shoves insistently into the towel when I crouch down to dry her off. She nuzzles herself up under the crook of my arm...and while I know she just likes a) having her ears rubbed, and b) being dry again, it's still one of my favorite moments.