Sunday, November 04, 2007

Satisfying the requirements of our possessions

Recently Mr. Thel bought a new computer. The old one frequently sent him into fits that involved a lot of roaring, twitching, and threatening to slam it against the nearest wall. I'm hoping this new one will merely compel him to rhapsodize fondly about its reliability, or to lovingly caress its sleek curves.

It's such a shiny new thing, though; we all seemed a little shabby by comparison. While Mr. Thel set it up in the office upstairs, humming cheerfully to himself, I felt it necessary to nervously sweep and vacuum and generally spruce up the place. I can only protest that those chores were on my list already...but yeah. You just know the next step is for the computer to begin outright ordering me to meet its demands.

Hopefully by that time I'll have collected enough of the clumps of hair Chloe sheds daily, wafting gently across the living room, that I can build myself a Clone Chloe army to defeat the computer.