Thursday, February 10, 2005

Mixed Emotions

That's what happens when you get called at home on a sick day to be notified that you totally dropped the ball on something at work, meaning that although you were kind of feeling better after sleeping all morning you proceed to worry yourself sick for the rest of the day, hardly sleep that night, and embarrass yourself the next day by bursting into pent-up sobs of relief when your supervisor tells you that he "hadn't even dreamed" of letting you go over this mistake.

Or so I'm told. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. Of course.

The only things keeping me from collapsing right now are the lingering jolts of anxiety and caffeine. The severe trembling caused by both those factors, on top of the preexisting sleep-deprivation shaking, will probably show up on the UW seismographs just across the canal. Don't be alarmed; tomorrow will be a better day.