Thursday, February 24, 2005


If you, idly browsing on a whim, found a ROUND-TRIP ticket to your favorite country eight time zones away across an ocean and a continent; a ticket which would have to be purchased in the next 24 hours and would require you to leave in 13 days to spend four or five days in said country; a ticket for UNDER FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS when the last time you went it cost you over a thousand--would you buy it?

Even if you would have to put it on a credit card and (try to) pay it off next month?

Even if it was winter in that country, and likely to be raining and cold the entire time?

Even if it would mean going by yourself and staying in hostels, because while one ticket would be a steal, buying two tickets would be completely unjustifiable given your current financial situation?

Even if your current financial situation frequently stressed you out already, and you were trying to DECREASE your credit card debt, not INCREASE it?

I am so torn between fiscal prudence and caution-to-the-wind impulsivity. Help!