Monday, December 18, 2006

2007: Year of the Shawl

I had mentioned to Mr. Thel, in response to his questioning me about Christmas presents, that one skein of Sea Silk would be a luxurious gift. It's a laceweight blend of silk and seacell, a fiber made from seaweed. I have seen it at the yarn store and fondled it lovingly, sniffing its faintly salty aroma, but have never been able to justify buying it for myself.

Well, Christmas was early at my house, as Mr. Thel handed me six skeins of it yesterday.

I have six skeins of this now. Two in a lovely pale mossy green, two in a light amethyst, and two in ivory. Six! Can you see how it shimmers? I couldn't stop caressing it. Something deep in my brain told me to unwind the skeins, toss the yarn in scribbled loops over the bed and just roll in it.

Fortunately I resisted that particular impulse. Now I just need to match this gorgeous stuff up with the right patterns. What fun! (Anyone have any good sources for patterns using this? I find remarkably few references to it online.)

Mr. Thel knows I get weird and awkward about accepting generosity, even from him. But this...this is one of the coolest gifts ever. For me it is, anyway. Thanks for loving me so extravagantly.