Tuesday, December 19, 2006


None other than the fabulous Jette herself, from Holidailies, corrected my slanderous insinuations about the "Best of" posts there:

I assure you, we don't split up the Holidailies portal participants and make sure everyone gets a "Best Of" listing. The readers panel picks the entries they think are the best. So you should be excited!
So I must apologize for my low expectations, and give one more tiny "woot!"

See, being a straight-A student in high school, no matter how long ago it was, has made me incredibly neurotic about the rest of my life, and I had made it my unofficial goal to write something good enough for the "Best of Holidailies" page during this month. Even as I am embarrassed by my ridiculous need for external validation that I am good at things, I am *still* delighted to be on the Best Of page.

Thanks for correcting me, Jette! And thanks for all your hard work on Holidailies.