Saturday, December 23, 2006


Last night Mr. Thel, Codependent Dog Chloe, and I drove the 400 miles to Roseburg for the holidays. The weather was dry, and traffic was surprisingly light, so it was a fairly easy seven-hour trip.

We stayed the night at a motel in town and spent the day travelling around to visit various outposts of the family. My grandparents are kindly letting us stay in their guest cottage next to their riverfront house, so we spent an hour or two with them, and a few hours at my parents' house (where I finally wrapped all our presents, procrastinator that I am), and a couple of hours at my other Grandma's, and finally Abby's Legendary Pizza for dinner with my siblings. The others had arrived at Abby's before Mr. Thel and me, and when we walked in I was greeted by the high-pitched sound of my older niece, age 4 and half, calling my name over and over so she could tell me that she saved me a seat next to her. Aww.

This weekend is going to be sparse posts most likely, as my only internet connection is a very slow wi-fi or a cellular card access. I don't have any stories yet anyway. I promise if anything exciting happens, this blog will be sure to milk it.