Friday, December 01, 2006

As my faithful two Seattle readers already know, it's been a little wintry here lately. This morning was the first time in my entire life, I do believe, that I woke up to see snow on the ground for the sixth day in a row. Snow that hung around for almost an entire week! In Seattle! Far-fetched, dude!

The clouds had deposited the faintest skiff of snow in our neighborhood on Sunday morning. Really, only enough to cause a slight nubbly coat on cold cars--nothing stuck to the ground. I took Chloe for a walk early that morning; down the block we spied a child who had a handful of snow, diligently scraping more from a car.

"Whoa, you found enough for a snowball!" I said.

He looked at me earnestly. "We're building a snowman!" he announced optimistically.

I was astonished, and was about to offer the meager snow layer from my car's windshield for the task when he added, with a very stern look, "Believe me, it is NOT EASY."

Oh, I believed him. Then later that evening it snowed for hours while my friend and I enjoyed free tickets to the Nutcracker ballet. And then the next evening it snowed like mad right as evening traffic was heaviest. (I'm saving my story for later in this month of daily posts. Hey, a girl's gotta ration her tidings. Ooh, that would be a good blog name--"Rationed Tidings." And Google tells me I'm the first to come up with that phrase!) So I'm hoping he got to make a much bigger snowman than he'd planned.

In unrelated news, this is my last post from this house, since our landlady is booting us out. We'll be subletting a nearby house until March 21--and I'm hoping to buy a house before we have to move again, so that we can forever bid farewell to capriciously incompetent landlords. Cross your fingers for me, internet! Meanwhile, back I go to cleaning windowsills. In a few more hours I'll say adieu to this crappily managed but nevertheless lovely little quasi-house and the crime-plagued alley behind it.