Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Tomorrow evening a gaggle of co-workers are getting together at the home of one of them to have "craft night." It's an annual gathering; last year was the first time I attended, and it was great fun. I knitted on a pair of wristwarmers that I never wear. Well, it was good practice anyway. I may just work on a new pair this year--but using double-pointed needles, a new skill I developed this fall. How impressive I will be!

Granted, I won't be as impressive as those who knit one sock inside the other. Someday, perhaps.


I just looked out the window to see a man and a woman straining to push an enormous old truck down the side street into a parking space. I put on my hat and told myself to go out and see if I could help; as I was standing up, I heard someone in the next office exclaim in irritation. "What are they doing? No, no, no, don't you get close to my car!" Her SUV was parked on the same street where they were maneuvering the truck....but they weren't anywhere near it. They were still 20 feet away from it, probably.

I went out to help, but they'd already successfully parked the truck. I offered them the phone, but they didn't need it, so I trudged back inside. The coworker who had been irritated said, "Ah, you are such a good person. God sees that!"

"Well, I didn't go out there until they were almost done," I pointed out wryly.

"God sees that, too!" she cackled. "God can see it!"

Well, if that's the case, then...Lord? Sorry for all the nose-picking earlier. I just--there was something in there, okay? All this dust from the packing and the moving...I just needed clearer nasal passages. I'm sorry You had to see it.


I cleared everything off the bulletin board at my desk at work last week in a fit of frustration at a particularly insulting memo from administration. I wasn't planning on quitting over it--not right away, at least--but I was going to be out for a few days anyway, for moving, and I wanted to clean up my desk in any case, so...down came everything. When I was done it looked like any old generic workstation, no sign of an occupant but for a few files in an organizer next to the monitor.

Now I keep looking over for the calendar that isn't on the bulletin board anymore, and feeling a little silly for being so dramatic. On the other hand, it's nice and uncluttered. I can keep tabbing to my Outlook for a calendar, right? Oh, the solipsistic battle 'twixt "making a statement" that nobody can interpret but me, and "giving in" for my habits of convenience!


Another coworker gave me a festive jingly bracelet yesterday. I put it on for friendship's sake, and now I can't stop jingling it. I walk down the hallways twitching my wrist as if I have a severe (but strangely limited in scope) palsy.

Ho ho ho!