Friday, December 22, 2006

Flying South

A quick post to make sure I get my 50 words in for the day. We had planned to drive to Oregon tomorrow but the weather forecast is for rain, rain, rain all the way down I-5 tomorrow. It's been dry today, naturally. So we're going to drive down as far as we can get tonight, while the weather is not atrocious, because I'd rather drive in the dark and dry than in the wet daylight.

Time with the two nieces and the cousin, grandparents and assorted other relatives, will be fun. We do a "gag gifts" exchange for Christmas Eve with one side of my family, which has become my favorite part of the celebrations. Chloe is coming with us for the second year. I think at this point, her third visit, seeing my family again will be a familiar experience for her and not so anxiety-inducing.

OK! Off we go! Happy weekend, happy holidays, happy times to all.