Thursday, December 14, 2006

Weather Woes

Whoa, I just turned on the Weather Channel and Jim Cantore is in Cannon Beach, OR! I knew it was a big storm, but I didn't realize it was big enough to send out Jim Cantore. Heh--they're calling it "The Pacific Pounding." *Rolls eyes* Goodness knows it isn't a true event until the Weather Channel gives it a catchy name.

I left work just after 4:00 and made it across the Montlake Bridge just in time to drive into the monsoon. I was talking about reality seeming liquid earlier--I didn't intend it so literally! The water was coming down so hard that my windshield wipers on the highest setting were completely unable to keep my windshield clear while I was at a standstill. So much standing water already covered the streets; I saw at least one stalled vehicle.

I was sitting on 15th Ave NE at N 145th, waiting in the left turn lane for the red arrow to turn green, when there was a flash and a blip and all the lights in the area went out. Everyone sat, stunned, at the intersection for several seconds before we switched gears and started taking our turns.