Monday, December 11, 2006


Okay, it's the eleventh (I almost typed "elventh"--what would an elven day would be like...) day of Holidailies and I'm burnt out. Done with talking. Blah blah blah.

So. More miscellany to round out this day.

The Devotchka show was excellent. Both of the openers (neither of whose names are floating to the surface right now) were good, and Devotchka was a blast. Unfortunately the show started at 9:00 on a Sunday night, so by the time Devotchka even took the stage my friend and I were already fulfilling our self-deprecating prophecies of "little old lady" behavior and getting sleepy. We stayed for probably half the Devotchka set before deciding to catch the last bus home instead of wait and get a cab--probably a wise decision. I've never caught a cab in downtown Seattle before, and while it might be an easy breeze of a thing to do, we did only see one taxi cruise past while we waited at the bus stop.

I stay overnight at the overflow shelter tonight. (On Monday nights from October through April, six to ten middle-aged men for whom there is no room at a shelter downtown are driven up to the church I sporadically attend and sleep there for the night. I believe other churches fill in the gaps for the other nights, although I'm not entirely up to speed on the program's details.) So once a month I stay, together with another woman whose husband cooks breakfast in the morning. I've only been able to stay for breakfast once, on a random day off last year; usually I have to scoot out first thing in the morning so I can go home and get ready for work.

I can't talk about the house because it's stressing me out. This process could only be more arduous if they actually made you lay open an artery and sign all the paperwork in blood. Then again, they probably stopped short of that only because the amount of blood necessary to sign that many documents would bleed a person dry.

Chloe won't stop biting and scratching herself, so I need to carve out some time to take her to the vet tomorrow. I've been cutting out early so often to take care of home-buying stuff that I'm falling slightly behind at work, in fact, though at least it's a relatively slow time of year there.

Oooh, there's a free staff luncheon tomorrow. I forgot all about it. Sweet, free lunch. That's a luxury. Okay, a small luxury, but still. Free lunch!