Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tetris on steroids

I mentioned we made an offer on a house the other day. The sellers accepted our offer; it's just a matter of ironing out the final details of the financing, and we might own a house.

I can't let myself think about it with too much optimism, because there is one particular detail that might not be able to be ironed in time. The hurdles aren't all leapt yet. Still, I have cautious optimism. Very, very cautious optimism.

A steep little backyard. Over the kitchen sink, windows with a peekaboo view of the snowy Cascade Mountains. Two bedrooms upstairs with slanted ceilings tucking them in. A tiny back deck overlooking the valley and the light rail line under construction a few blocks away...


In the meantime, in order to iron out some of the aforementioned details I had to go to our storage unit today to retrieve some paperwork. The storage unit we rented is just exactly big enough to hold the possessions we put in storage. I did most of the packing and Mr. Thel did most of the storing, so when I opened up the unit this evening I had no idea where to find the small boxes I needed.

I maneuvered my way around the storage unit, frequently tunneling like a mole by taking a stack of boxes from in front of me and moving them behind me, hemming myself in as I searched. I climbed up on things to which I should not have trusted my weight, I grunted and nudged an armoire a few inches to the left so I could move another set of boxes, I moved things out into the corridor to make room for my search. I swore an awful lot.

Then after I did find my boxes, I had to re-stack everything around them to accommodate their absence in the careful Jenga puzzle Mr. Thel had created. It really was the biggest game of Tetris ever. And kind of a treasure hunt, but with the most boring prize in the world--boxes of old documents!

Anyway, I got my papers, and hopefully they will help me take one more step on the way to home ownership!