Saturday, December 02, 2006

Casa casa casa

Soon this blog will stop being all about moving all the time. Soon, but not today.

Did I mention that we're subletting a house right now? It's true. It used to be a lakefront cottage--like, fifty years ago. Then apparently they moved it up the hill to its current location, which is not on a lake. The fact that it was moved means it's a little...crooked. And the fact that it was a cottage, probably for vacation use, means it's a little...small. Granted, it's probably ever so slightly larger than the apartment we used to live in. And the yard is a goodly size. But--did I mention we're subletting it furnished? And the bookshelves in the living room currently block the front door? So you have to walk around to the back door to enter, which means you go through the utility room, the bedroom, and the kitchen just to get to the living room?

I don't know how many people I'm going to have over for a visit if I have to make sure every room in the house is presentable before they come. I mean, I'm not filthy but I'm pretty messy, especially in rooms that are usually private.

Anyway, Chloe was kind of freaking out yesterday in the final stages of the move. I guess she got nervous being left upstairs with no furniture remaining except her bed...probably afraid we were just leaving the place for her to live in alone. This is a dog who won't even play outside by herself: if I leave her in the yard for a few minutes, she will either sit by the door and wait to be let in, or pace along the side of the house until she's let in.

Then we came over to the sublet, where all the furniture is strange and different. It didn't help her mood at all; she's been all but attached to my heel all day. Forget going to the bathroom alone--Chloe's having none of it.

She finally settled down enough to eat some food for the first time in two days.

Wow, that was an exciting post all about the habits and neuroses of my German Shepherd Dog! Tune in tomorrow for a meticulous account of exactly which belongings I packed in each box, or something equally exciting.

Or maybe I'll tell you how we made a (tentative, caveat-packed, but nonetheless real) offer on a house in Rainier Beach!